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  Our Products
We provide following Products:
  Custom eCommerce and Shopping Cart Solutions
  Content Management
  Email Marketing
Custom eCommerce and Shopping Cart Solutions:
A business of any size can benefit from an online shopping cart. However, for your business to be successful it must attract new customers, deliver a satisfying shopping experience, and provide you with the tools to manage it effectively.
  We know that understanding your business is the key to utilizing our expertise -- we take the time to learn about your business and customize our solutions to fit your needs.
  We know that an eCommerce system is more than just selling products online -- we provide you with all the necessary tools and features to distinguish your business from the competition.
  We know that staying ahead of the competition requires agile responses to constantly changing conditions -- we give you the tools to make intelligent decisions based on real sales trends and reasonable projections.
Our focus is to provide you with an easy to use and feature-rich solution that allows you to personalize your product offerings, improve your marketing effectiveness, and offer the value-added services that lead to more satisfied and loyal customers.
Content Management:
Jehovah Media Content Management System (CMS) is an integrated content management system that empowers businesses and organizations to maintain a more dynamic, up-to-date web presence. Our custom CMS is scalable, easy to use, affordable to maintain and customized to meet your specific business needs.
By using Jehovah Media CMS, which is designed with the non-technical user in mind, your website content can be developed and maintained by your internal Marketing staff, Human Resources personnel, and other employees who know your business best while your IT personnel can focus on higher level technical and analytical activities. If you outsource your web development, Jehovah Media CMS reduces your dependency on your web development vendor, saving your business the money you typically spend on keeping your website updated. This reallocation of your internal resources reduces web development and publishing time and provides a measurable and significant ROI over time.

Using Jehovah Media CMS you and your staff can publish content, images, documents, product info, service descriptions, press releases, e-newsletters, event calendars, surveys and more. Our custom tool is tailored to fit your needs and is built as part of your website, allowing your business or organization to quickly and easily:

  Add, remove, and edit sections and pages
  Edit menu structure and navigation
  Create and edit dynamic content using our Rich-Text Editor
  Upload and manage images
  Upload and manage documents
  Archive items for review and future publishing (activate and inactivate)
  Create, edit and publish online forms
  Create, edit and associate page headers
    And more...
Efficient management of website updates and changes is also provided for your high-level administrators:
  Management of administrative users and permission level
  Approval process requiring specific administrative users to have changes or additions approved (high-level administrators are notified of submissions and can approve, reject or modify pending approvals)
  Content Management Change Log- a running log of changes made and the user who made the change (viewable by date range or user)
With Jehovah Media CMS you are in total control of your website.
Email Marketing:
Permission based Email Marketing is an excellent way to expand upon your current base of customers and provides a cost-effective method of communicating with existing clients, partners, and associates. Using Jehovah Media’s email marketing services, your company can:
  Promote existing products and services
  Announce new products and services
  Pitch specials and broadcast promotions
  Publicize company news and achievements
  Enhance branding - stay in touch with clients and partners, and keep your name on your prospects' minds
Jehovah Media can help you design and send attractive permission based emails and market directly to your customers, associates, partners and prospects. The goal is to present your email campaigns in such a way as to separate you from the rest of the crowd. We offer a full service Per Occurrence program where we completely manage your campaigns for you or we can provide you with your own customized Email Campaign Tool that puts the power in your hands.
  Manage lists - edit, add, and remove subscribers (opt-in / opt-out).
  Upload email marketing lists or create lists from your website database.
  Manage current and previous email campaign lists.
  Create visually appealing and attention grabbing graphical html based emails.
  Send email campaigns to multiple recipients or groups.
    View Comprehensive Reporting on emails including: success rate, recipient activity who opened emails, who clicked through, who placed an order, who replied, etc) and recipients who unsubscribed / opted-out.
We offer competitive and inexpensive email marketing solutions. Email marketing is always less expensive than traditional direct marketing campaigns. It is highly flexible in that it can be sent out any time, day or night. It can take advantage of late offers, special deals and purchases, press releases, events, price updates and availability. Responses can be received instantly and then fulfilled in no time. There is little-to-no wastage because email is sent only to people who want more information from you. Email marketing keeps your brand name in front of customers at a fraction of the cost of advertising in papers, TV or direct mail. There is no need for expensive software. Our email marketing security techniques provide a tightly secure environment to protect email lists from unauthorized sources.
Jehovah Media helps companies like yours generate a return on their marketing investment via engaging, relevant and timely email communications. We offer the best email marketing strategies utilizing experienced marketers and designers to create profitable on-line marketing campaigns. Contact us today to inquire about our fully managed Per Occurrence Email Marketing Campaigns or to discuss your own custom Email Campaign and List Management Tool.
To enquire or discuss more, please feel free to Contact Us