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Custom developed software can change the way you do business - in a good way. Most software solutions force you to adapt to the way someone else has envisioned that you do business. That makes you do the changing - usually at great cost. At Jehovah Media, that's just not the way we see things. Applications should be designed with you, your needs, and your workflow in mind. Tailoring the application to your needs is what we are all about.
We provide following services:
  BKFS LoanSphere (Formerly LPS Empower) Consulting & Customization
  .NET Integration & Customization
  Enterprise Solutions
  Web Development
  Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile)
  Web Design Services
  Mobile and Wireless Development
  SEO Promotion & Strategy
BKFS LoanSphere Customization:
BKFS LoanSphere (Formerly LPS Empower) Customization We provide expert consulting and customization services for LoanSpehere (Formerly LPS Empower) Loan Origination System. We have in-house LoS experts available for consultation and customization. Our experts have hands on experience with LoanSphere LoS.

.NET Integration & Customization:

.NET Integration & Customization Developing integrated applications on top of Microsoft's .NET Framework The Microsoft .NET Framework provides a high-productivity programming model that enables developers to use existing skills and code, and eliminates the integration and maintenance issues some other platforms create. Visual Studio. .NET enables developers to choose their most productive programming language and simplifies application development by handling common programming tasks.
  Architecture design & planning - creating scaleable infrastructure, platform and application architectures for your solution
  Custom Application Development - .NET custom development using latest Microsoft tools
  Integration Strategy & Deployment - custom and middleware based solutions for integration with back office, legacy, other web applications and web services
  Security - securing your platform and applications with hardware, product, services and guidance around your security requirements
  Maintenance & ongoing support - 24x7 monitoring and support for your applications
Enterprise Solutions:
In today's competitive, evolving marketplace, companies need to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve efficiency and raise customer satisfaction levels. Jehovah Media develops custom enterprise applications, unique to your company and the way it does business to provide solutions that streamline your business processes. Our focus is on enhancing your productivity as well as maximizing utilization of your resources.
A custom software development enterprise solution from Jehovah Media can help your business by:
  Strengthening and seamlessly extending your current business reach and strategy, while enhancing your competitive advantage
  Achieving success through optimal return on investments, focusing on people, processes and technology
  Reinforcing your relationships and communication with clients, vendors and partners -- retaining and expanding your valuable customer base
  Increasing employee productivity and collaboration by giving them the resources to make better decisions and easily access information
  Seamlessly integrating front-end and back-end processes
  Catering to your specific needs and furnishing your business with sustainable business growth
Contact us to explore the wide array of custom software development enterprise solutions the Jehovah Media team of experienced engineers and business analysts can provide to empower your company to operate more efficiently.
Web Development:
Jehovah Media views your website as a powerful supplement to traditional marketing media that can build valuable branding for your company, while enhancing the way in which you do business via a custom web development.
Your website should:
  Present a unique and effective message about your company, products and services
  Include intuitive navigation so that your target audience can find the information that they need quickly and easily
  Provide functionality and interaction that add value to your company's products and services
We offer a full range of custom web development services. We can help you create a feature-rich online storefront to sell your products and services, an Intranet application to distribute information securely amongst your employees, or an extranet application to facilitate communication between your company and your clients or vendors.
Working with our experienced team of developers offers the following advantages:
  Quick, cost-effective development cycle
  Experience across a broad range of industries
  Large library of component code (shopping cart, calendar, mailing list, and more)
  Efficient management structure
  Comprehensive suite of services
We are dedicated to providing innovative and professional services that will exceed your expectations. Please contact us to explore the broad range of solutions we can provide to empower your company to conduct business on the web
Web Design Services:
Jehovah Media's innovative Creative Services team designs attractive, persuasive and easy-to-use visual interfaces for companies of all sizes. We help you develop the strong brand identity and compelling user experience so essential to connecting with your customers and building long-term relationships with them.
Our Creative Services team can provide your company with:
  Web design or redesign
  Marketing materials conceptualization and planning
  Interactive media
  Online video and animation
  Company logo design or redesign
  Corporate and product identity development
  Print collateral
  Email campaign and newsletter design
Inventive design skills combined with technical expertise in a variety of environments gives us the flexibility to develop the best possible solutions to meet your needs. Our knowledge of website design and development, corporate identity, logo design, online and print marketing, and illustration can assist you in setting your company apart from the competition and clearly publicizing your message to your target audience.
There is an impressive dynamic created when a strong corporate image is innovatively communicated both on the web and in print. Please contact us to discover how the Jehovah Media Creative Services team can help your company experience this dynamic.
Mobile and Wireless Development:
There's a new trend in wireless telecommunications: Internet connectivity and database interaction via handheld devices. As more people buy wireless handheld devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and cellular phones, the demand to access online resources increases. We have successfully deployed several mobile computing projects.
We can help web-based companies move into the wireless sector. We are continually expanding our wireless product line and developing new applications based on mobile architecture. Please contact us to find out how we can move your business into the wireless arena.
SEO Promotion & Strategy:
When people search the internet for the services and products offered by your company, does your website rank towards the top of the results on the Search Engines, or is your competition showing up?
In today's highly competitive internet environment, simply having a website isn't sufficient for promoting the products or service of your business on the web. In order to add value to your business you must direct qualified traffic to your site and an internet marketing campaign should be a critical component of your company's overall marketing plan. With billions of sites on the web and the constantly changing parameters employed by the major search engines to determine rankings, a comprehensive internet strategy is required to get to and remain at the top of the search engine listings.
Jehovah Media's team of experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing professionals will maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing activities and ensure that your site will be exposed to the potential customers that use search engines every day to find your products or services. Our SEO programs address every aspect of web marketing, while delivering a high return on investment by increasing traffic to your site and converting visitors to customers.
Jehovah Media offers four levels of full-service Search Engine Optimization, each based on the number of keyword phrases that best suits your business. As part of our program, we provide the following services:
  Competitive Analysis - we perform an extensive search to determine what sites in your industry are in the top positions of the search engines and determine how to position your site ahead of them
  Website Review - we thoroughly review and restructure your site's graphics, content and architecture to ensure proper configuration for the Search Engines
  Keyword Generation - we develop keyword phrases based on information gathered during client surveys and competitive analysis
  Proprietary Leading Page Technology - we employ proprietary techniques to improve your visibility, featuring your keyword phrases
  Ongoing Registration - We perform initial registration and routine re-registrations with multiple search engines and directories, including: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Excite, DMOZ, and more...
  Monthly Reports - We provide you with monthly reports detailing and explaining your traffic and rankings with the major Search Engines
  Maintenance and Monitoring - We perform continual monthly reviews and adjustments to keep your website at the top of the Search Engines
Our team can manage every facet of your Internet Marketing Campaign for you. In addition to our Search Engine Optimization programs, we offer custom packages including pay-per-click and banner advertising, email campaigns and affiliate marketing. We can create a custom integrated web marketing program that will efficiently and effectively promote your business and products.
Please contact our Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing team to help determine which program is right for you or to request a custom program.
To enquire or discuss more, please feel free to Contact Us